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Arena Pacific Limited is a manufacturer of metal products and specialized in promotional and advertising items, premiums and gifts.
The company was first established in Taiwan in the early 1980s to manufacture basic metal products. As the cost of labour escalated in Taiwan, it became apparent that Taiwan is no longer competitive and the decision to set us a manufacture in China three years ago became inevitable.

Today we have a factory in Shenzhen(45 minutes from Hong Kong), sales offices in Hong Kong & Taiwan. Our products are exported to Australia, Europe and the United States. Our China factory has total area of 30,000 square feet and 300 employees. Our capacity is around 3,000,000pcs/month.Our Hong Kong staff are all fluent in English and ready at any time to answer questions by phone or fax to ensure our customer clear communication, satisfactory terms and timely delivery schedule for top quality products. We operate under a quality system based on 20 chapters of ISO 9000 as our quality model and have a ˇ§customer focusˇ¨ approach to implement the model. Quality management is an essential part of philosophy of doing business.
We offer a choice of die struck, photo etched, die-cast and spin cast metal products with different finishes such as soft enamal, synthetic enamel, vitreous enamel and different plating such as gold, silver, nickel, brass or antique plating. Die struck products are stamped from copper or iron sheets using a steel die. Photo etched products are acid etched on brass sheet through a photgraphically produced mask. Die cast products are made by casting zinc alloy in steel molds. Spin casting products are produced from tin alloy using rubber molds.Screen printing is another method available in our product range. In the case of screen printing, color separated films are made and each color is screen printed on the brass sheet followed by optional epoxy coating.Different attachments are available such as butterfly clutch, safety pins, tie bars, tie tacks, cuff links, stick pins, key rings, leather keyfobs, ribbons, magnets etc. Adhesive backing is also available popular for name plates and logo products.

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Arena Pacific is committed to offering you the most tightly integrated production in the world. We make sure you get more for less and we serve you best.
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